About Greater Tauranga

Greater Tauranga exists to contribute constructive and intelligent commentary around transport, urban form and the sustainable growth of our city.

We want Tauranga to become a people-friendly and equitable city that is vibrant, sustainable and sets an example for other cities in NZ.

Tauranga is a city on the cusp. We can no longer follow the 1970s urban sprawl and car-dependent approach to growth and development. We need a new approach to transport that is integrated with a more compact city, built around vibrant town centres. We support increased focus on public transport, dedicated public transport infrastructure, as well as active transport modes (walking and cycling).

We acknowledge that cars will always be part of our transport mix, however providing for other modes will free up space for cars – and the system will function much more efficiently. If we continue to provide for cars only we will indebt ourselves for eternity building more and more roads.

Feel free to get in touch and help us advocate for a better Tauranga for everyone.

Image: Tim Marshall